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Soap Lake Resort & The Natural Healing Powers of the Lake

Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort is dedicated to preserving and sharing the natural healing power of Soap Lake with our guests. Dating back to the Native American tribes that once lived in the area, Soap Lake was regarded as a sacred body of water with special healing properties. Up until the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics, Soap Lake was a popular destination with a known track record for relieve symptoms of ailments like cirrhosis, arthritis and poor circulation among many others. Soap Lake is a lake unlike any other in the world, without exaggeration. It has some of the highest naturally occurring mineral content of any lake in the world, in addition to the highest mineral diversity found naturally occurring in a body of water.

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To complement the natural healing capabilities of the Soap Lake mineral water, Soap Lake Resort is dedicated to promoting a holistically healthy lifestyle. Look forward to some rest and relaxation while you enjoy your stay with us with our variety of healthy menu options and outdoor activities. Soap Lake has long been an outdoors lover’s dream with the range and variety of activities available in the area. In addition to excellent fishing among the many lakes in the area, we have always hosted many naturists, bird watchers, hikers and hunters.