Christmas Getaways for Families in Washington State

Are you thinking of doing something a little non-traditional this holiday season and running away on vacation? If so, you aren’t alone. Every Christmas, families visit resorts nationwide, leaving the cooking and hosting to someone else. After all, with the kids on Christmas break, it can be a great opportunity for a long weekend getaway. […]

Gorge Amphitheater Hotels to Stay At

The Gorge Amphitheatre is a 27,500-seat outdoor concert venue near the Columbia River in George, Washington. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Gorge is considered one of the most scenic concert locations in the world. If you are looking to be one of the 27,5000 people to visit for a show or festival, you […]

All-Season Resort in Washington

Conveniently located between Spokane and Seattle, Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort is a gorgeous all-season resort in Washington. It is set on several lush acres of waterfront property and offers plenty of flexible space for family getaways, business meetings, and milestone celebrations. So, keep reading for more information about this all-season resort in Washington. […]

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

If you are looking for a natural treatment for Psoriasis, keep reading to discover the healing powers of Soap Lake. Psoriasis According to, psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. It usually affects the outsides of elbow, knees or scalp, but it can appear on […]

5 Unique Washington Lake Resorts

If you love the outdoors but aren’t that fond of the idea of “roughing it”, check out this list of unique Washington lake resorts. Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort Halfway between Spokane and Seattle lies an unexpected paradise – Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort. It is nestled on the shores of Soap Lake […]

5 Yakima Valley Wedding Venues

Engagement season just around the corner! There is an increased spike in the number of engagements from late November (near Thanksgiving) until February. For the practically minded, this gives enough time to plan Spring, Summer and Autumn weddings. So if you are engaged or anticipating an engagement, keep reading to learn about 5 gorgeous Yakima […]

Natural Treatment for Buerger’s Disease

If you are looking for a natural treatment for Buerger’s disease, keep reading to discover the healing powers of Soap Lake. Buerger’s disease Buerger’s disease is a rare autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the arteries and veins in the arms and legs. Blood vessels swell and can become blocked with blood clots. This slowly […]

Affordable Soap Lake Cabin Rentals

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax in a beautiful setting, we have just the place. We have several comfortable cabins in a memorable destination with all the fresh air, expansive views, and the peaceful surrounds your craving. Here are several affordable Soap Lake cabin rentals. About Notaras Lodge Luxury in log rooms […]

Unique Meeting Venues Near Seattle

Unique Meeting Venues Near Seattle

If you are looking to host a company holiday party, business meeting, or company retreat you need a venue that is sure to wow guests. We know how difficult it can be to find a venue, so we did some research for you! Here are four unique meeting venues near Seattle. Soap Lake Natural Spa […]

How to throw an unforgettable company holiday party

With the holidays approaching, many employers are focused on throwing an unforgettable company holiday party. Company holiday parties are becoming more and more popular in the United States. In fact, over 90% of companies, large and small, typically throw company holiday parties. But, holiday parties are about more than just celebrating and there are several […]