Thanksgiving Getaways for Families In Washington State

Are you thinking of skipping the big turkey dinner with the in-laws and running away on vacation? If so, you aren’t alone. Every Thanksgiving, families flock to family-friendly resorts nationwide, leaving the cooking and cleaning to someone else. After all, with the kids out of school, it can be a great opportunity for a long […]

You need to see this family reunion venue in Washington

Nostalgic and reminiscent, getting together with distant cousins, parents’ siblings and grandparents is something everyone looks forward to. A joyous celebration of bonds, family reunions have become trendier than ever. However, picking the right place for your reunion can be as challenging as finding the long-lost relatives you plan to invite. So today we are […]

5 Holiday Party Venues in Grant County

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and when it comes to planning a holiday party, the first step is choosing a venue. So, if you are aiming to be this year’s host(ess) with the most unforgettable holiday party, then you are going to want to act fast. Time is of the […]

Natural Spa Treatments in Washington State

Washington spas truly make the most out of the great outdoors. With scenic locations in the mountain, on lakes, and right next to the Pacific, these spas can do a lot for the body, mind, and soul. So, we encourage you to leave the hustle and bustle behind to embrace a dreamy back massage, head-to-toe […]

The best place for holistic spa treatments in the PNW

It can be hard to eat healthy and find the time and energy to exercise. And we often neglect to look after our mind and body. Dedicating time to care for your mind and body is just as important as nurturing your body with food and fitness. Sadly we rarely do this and view self-care […]

Top 5 Most Awkward Cures Your Great-Grandparents Probably Used

A portion of this article was based on Kathleen Kiefer’s documentary Dirt Roads: A Documentary about Soap Lake, WA. We would like to thank Kathleen for capturing the history of our great town. You can watch her amazing film here. Before the discovery of penicillin and sulfa drugs, Americans relied on untold potions, home-brewed concoctions, […]

The best Pacific Northwest family resorts

An ideal location, convenient accommodations, and plenty to do are a must when traveling with your family. Luckily these Pacific Northwest family resorts have it all. Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort Set along Soap Lake, Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort has plenty of open green space for kids to play. It’s set on […]

Best outdoor wedding venues near Seattle

There are so many beautiful, unique, and affordable outdoor wedding venues near Seattle. Here are some of the best. Soap Lake Natural Resort and Spa – Soap Lake Located halfway between Seattle and Spokane, Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort on the edge of Soap Lake offers a memorable getaway. You can exchange vows beside […]

The only natural spa in Washington State

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean it’s time to surrender your relaxation rights. Unfortunately, spas can be expensive and to be honest, a little overwhelming. Since before the time of the modern spa, natural hot springs have been visited by cultures from around the world for their healing waters. Healing waters that contain […]

What to do in Soap Lake

With 300 days of sun, long stretches of sandy beach, and a beautiful small town — Soap Lake is a great place to visit. Whether you are taking a family vacation, a couples getaway, or a corporate retreat, there are plenty of activities to entertain everyone. So, if you are ready to plan your trip, […]