5 unbelievable waterfront resorts in Washington State

With nearly 8,000 lakes and 3,026 miles of coastline in Washington State, there is a lot of waterfront property! When starting your research, it is important to consider what type of experience you are seeking. Waterfront resorts in Washington are diverse in the terms of activities, accommodation, and dining. For example, if you are looking […]

5 Reasons to Visit Central Washington State

It can be easy to overlook Central Washington State in favor of higher-profile tourism draws in the Pacific Northwest. But travelers who take the time to visit the center of the state will be delighted by what they find. From natural mineral lakes to prehistoric caves, there is a lot to be discovered. Here are […]

10 Lakeside Wedding Venues in Washington State

If you are looking to get married next to a lake in Washington State, you are in luck! With over 8,000 lakes in Washington and several gorgeous wedding venues on their shores, the possibilities are endless. Here are ten lakeside wedding venues in Washington State. Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort This lakeside wedding venue […]

Day trips to take from Yakima

Yakima is the perfect hub for day trips throughout Central Washington State. Scenic wonders, numerous historic towns, and other Washington activities are within a couple hour’s drive. So, the next time you are looking for an adventure, pick one of the following destinations and take a day trip from Yakima! Soap Lake If you are […]

10 stunning outdoor wedding venues in Eastern Washington

Us Washingtonians are lucky enough to live in a state that has ample amounts of gorgeous outdoor space! So, here are ten stunning outdoor wedding venues in Eastern Washington. Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort For an Eastern Washington destination wedding, Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort on the edge of Soap Lake offers a […]

Top Places to eat near Yakima

Because Yakima is considered the heart and soul of Washington State Agriculture, the nearby restaurants and eateries take full advantage of the farm-fresh produce. Many of the chefs who work at the following restaurants utilize the fine wines and local produce and meats in their menus. Take a look at this list the next time you […]

Five event spaces for small businesses in Soap Lake

Small businesses often struggle when competing with larger businesses to find the perfect event venue. Luckily, there are several event spaces in Soap Lake that are budget-friendly and guaranteed to wow attendees. So, the next time you are looking to throw a company holiday party, retreat, or happy hour, check out these five event spaces […]

5 Day Trips Near Eastern Washington University

  With Eastern Washington University being in the glorious Pacific Northwest, there are an unlimited amount of outdoor adventures! If you’re looking to get away from campus for a day, take a look at this list of five day trips near Eastern Washington University! Soap Lake If you’re looking to spend the day relaxing on […]

affordable romantic getaways in Washington State

Affordable romantic getaways in Washington State

From breathtaking ocean views and historic mountain lodges to charming inns and luxury lakeside resorts, Washington State has lots to offer couples who are looking for a romantic getaway. Here are some affordable romantic getaways in Washington State. Notaras Lodge, Soap Lake Luxury in log cabins best describes Notaras Lodge of Soap Lake. Each of […]

So, you’re driving from Montana to Seattle? Here are some must-see spots.

If you are leaving from the capital, Helena, the journey to Seattle will take about nine hours. This can seem daunting and a little unexciting, but if you plan accordingly, there are some awesome spots to stop along the way. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants and attractions you can see […]